Don’t have time to figure it all out? Get the guide!

This will help you develop a program that works with the level of resources and supports available to you through your school, PTA, or organization.


Step by step guide to planning your Walk In My Shoes event includes:

  1. Tailoring the event to your school
  2. Activity descriptions and objectives
  3. Activity scripts and worksheets
  4. Supply lists and costs
  5. Tips for recruiting volunteers
  6. Sample communication to teachers and volunteers
  7. Checklists and more!

Electronic Files of Program Guide,
Scripts, Worksheets, and Logo - Only $95!



Prepare your teachers or volunteers for the event!

In-person trainings are available for schools in our local area. We help you prepare teachers for their important role in supporting the event, train your volunteers to maximize their effectiveness and impact on the students, and help you gain buy-in for your event.

Training Session - $195

(includes electronic files of  program guide and logo,
hard copy binder, and a one-hour training session)

Contact us for more
information and availability.