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Walk In My Shoes (WIMS) is an interactive empathy-building program that can reduce bullying by increasing understanding.

The program objectives are to:
  1. Increase knowledge by providing information about a variety of learning differences, developmental challenges, and medical issues.
  2. Build empathy by providing opportunities to take the perspective of others.
  3. Contribute to the potential for behavior change by having students brainstorm how they can help a friend.

Walk In My Shoes is a fun and flexible way to shift mindsets, start conversations, and support your inclusion goals! It includes hands-on activities designed to help general education students understand what it is like for some of their friends with learning differences. The activities move students from knowledge acquisition and attitude change to a discussion about simple ways they can help a friend!

Activities Include:
  1. ADHD
  2. Color Vision Deficiency
  3. Communication/Speech Delay
  4. Dyslexia
  5. Fine Motor Delay
  6. Food Allergies
  7. Movement Disorders
  8. Visual Impairment
  9. Visual Motor Integration
  10. Sensory Processing Disorder
  11. Understanding Emotions

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We are committed to helping other schools and community organizations hold this event. The program guide provides everything you need to plan your event including tips for recruiting and training engaging volunteers, activity scripts, worksheets and so much more!

Walk In My Shoes was developed in collaboration with Floris Elementary PTA, staff and administration. This program was inspired by existing simulation events and has been offered yearly at Floris E.S. since 2015.

Licensed Walk in My Shoes Schools:
  • Bonnie Brae E.S.
  • Camelot E.S.
  • Chesterbrook E.S.
  • Clearview E.S.
  • Cub Run E.S.
  • Flint Hill E.S.
  • Floris E.S.
  • Greenbriar East E.S.
  • Hunters Woods E.S.
    • Lane E.S.
    • Laurel Ridge E.S.
    • Lees Corner E.S.
    • Poe M.S.
    • Robinson H.S.
    • Rolling Valley E.S.
    • Rose Hill E.S.
    • West Springfield E.S.

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